Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Arizona Market Street Quilt

After making my Arizona Cargo Duffle the minute the fabrics came in the mail, I started planning a quilt. I needed something quick and easy so I went with my tried and true Market Street pattern. I finished this quilt about 3 weeks ago but it took me a while to get some decent pictures of it.
Market Street Quilt
I really love how the Essex Linen (flax color) breaks up the color and gives it an earthy feel.
Market Street Quilt Market Street Quilt Market Street Quilt Market Street Quilt Market Street Quilt
Love this fabric line! I'm sooooooo sad that I'm almost out of that Field Study in mustard fabric that goes so well with this line. I've searched high and low and it is no where to be found online. I guess that's how it goes.


Toni said...

Beautiful quilt, Emily! You definitely made the right call by using the Essex for the background. It looks fabulous with these prints!

Carla said...

Another winner! Who would have thought coral and mustard ; ) I wonder if the mustard colour from 'indelible' would work?

Linda said...

I can't stop looking at your quilts. Your eye for color draws me in. I also love your quilting. I noticed you have some "blank" spots and wondered how that works for you when you launder. My quilting is never more than 2-3 inches apart, and if you say it's OK to quilt farther apart and actually leave a blank space, then I'm going to try it. :)

Erica said...

Gorgeous! I love these fabrics and the quilt has such a great tone to it. I love that mustard fabric too and I really think that we just need more mustard fabrics in the world. I am always running out!

patchcath said...

J'arrive ici par flickr et pinterest
C'est magnifique