Thursday, February 07, 2013


I hate when I loose things. I've spent two days looking and still cannot find my thimble! So, I just picked up a new cheapy one at Wal-Mart so that I can get that quilt (my do. Good Stitches quilt) bound and shipped off to our awesome leader Nicke!
And January just happens to be her month to design so I'll send these little beauties along too.
Jauary blocks: do. good Stitches Heal circle Jauary blocks: do. good Stitches Heal circle
I'll be honest. When this scrappy trip-along craze started I thought it was cool but didn't see what all the fuss was about. Ah, now that I've made these, well, I can see why! They were super fun and easy to make and really did use up scraps! Plus there are so many gorgeous layout possibilities. This is one of my favorites.

Two more Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks done!
Waste Not #97
#97 Waste Not

Calico Puzzle #16
#16 Calico Puzzle - I guess I love kids fabrics, so fun and whimsical, I never cease to be drawn to them.


**nicke... said...

yay! i love these blocks so much! i need to make mine!

**nicke... said...

also, the last time my sister came to visit she was mending something so i gave her my favorite thimble and that jerk kept it. i haven't been the same since! ;) xoxo

Heather D. said...

Gorgeous blocks, all around. And so perfectly square! Love the little gators.