Tuesday, July 17, 2012

crazy times

Whew! Things have been crazy around here since we got back from Africa. We'd been considering it for a while but then 2 weeks ago decided to put our house on the market. So, if you've done that before you know how much work it is to prepare your house for sale! Luckily our house didn't need too much work but still, there were little things plus packing away all the clutter.

I have to say, my sewing area has never looked better!
And my Sparkle wall hanging found a temporary home in the spare/junk room-turned-play room.
We worked non-stop for over a week taking 3 loads of things to Goodwill and 3 loads of boxed up stuff for storage at my dad's place. The photographer came yesterday to take pictures of the house for the listing so we have a few days break before the showings start (hopefully!). It's exhausting to get your house looking like perfection!

At one point I was able to take a few minutes to pull fabric for my next quilt which is a commission due the first of August. YIKES! I've got my work cut out for me.


**nicke... said...

i hope it sells super fast for you my dear! i wish we could sell our house! someday! xo your sewing space looks so great and your sparkle is really beautiful on that wall!

Maryse said...

Your sewing room looks beautiful! Good luck selling the house!

Rycrafty said...

Good luck with the selling!

I have to say, I've loved the Ikea table that your sewing machine is on for a very long time! It's so perfect for small spaces!

juicyknits said...

Your house looks lovely! Do you already know where you want to move next?

knottygnome said...

ooh, good luck selling your house! your sewing area looks very neat and tidy.

elizabeth said...

Oh, I feel your pain! I've been working on our house for the past month and am hoping to have it ready to list next week! Why oh why did we let so many projects pile up? But - I have pencilled in some quilting time on Sunday for my mom's b'day quilt - her b'day is next week! Good luck selling your house!