Saturday, July 21, 2012


The part of blogging that I struggle with is trying to take the "perfect" photo, then uploading it and editing. It sounds so simple but it always seems like such a pain to me.

I've been trying to find a way to streamline that process so I can more easily share things I'm working on here. I haven't been trying very hard mind you but the other day I downloaded the Flickr app to my phone. The idea of taking a picture and then uploading it to Flickr at the tap of a finger is extremely appealing to me! Granted, that means a cell phone picture. But, honestly, with instagram photos being all the rage these days, you don't have to have the "perfect" photo. I tried getting into instagram, I did, but it just wasn't for me. I like having this blog and documenting things I'm working on.

So, here I am sharing a photo I just took of a quilt I just laid out in preparation for assembling. It's just a simple disappearing  nine-patch but I love how it's looking!
quilt in progress
I say I cell phone picture is better than no picture or blog post at all! What do you think?


peaknits said...

I totally agree that fiddling with photos sets me back when it comes to blogging or uploading stash to ravelry. I just found the app Yarma, which sounds like the Flickr app. Take a picture and upload it right to ravelry, and voila, things get done. I say cell pic is better than none for sure. And your quilt is fabulous too!

Rycrafty said...

I don't mind cell phone pictures on blogs at all! With the quality so many phones have these days, a lot of the time I find I can't even tell the difference.

Devin said...

I totally agree, photos are the hardest part of blogging for sure! I've been saved on more than one occasion by cell phone pics. P.S. I love all the colors you choose for your quilts! You have such an eye!