Saturday, June 09, 2012


So I was commissioned to make a quilt for an "earthy, outdoorsy" couple. I love earthy colors but I don't seem to every make anything earthy, nor do I have many earthy fabrics in my stash. I was a little stumped until I remembered a quilt I saw from Spool called Cottage Quilt. I set out to replicate it and am pleased with the results!
earthy quilt
I tried to cluster the darker prints a little bit to make them forest-like. I hope they like it!
earthy quilt
I used simple 4"x7" rectangles.
earthy quilt
I used a huge chunk of fabric from the Sugar Pop collection by Liz Scott. I think it's just perfect!
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
It's crunch time for me. Be back in several weeks!

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very beautiful emily! xo