Friday, May 11, 2012

Washi Tape Quilt

When I first saw this Washi Tape fabric I could NOT resist even though I wasn't really sure what washi tape even was. The internet has since explained the in's and out's to me and I have some washi tape of my own on it's way to me in the mail. :)

I only bought a yard and debated for quite a while what the best use for it would be. It's one of those prints that deserves to be shown off. I'm not sure how successful I was at that but I ended up choosing a block from the Batch of Brownies pattern in The Practical Guide to Patchwork book.

If you want to see something in the works using the whole Washi collection then check out Marta's spiderweb block! That quilt is going to be amazing!
Washi Tape Quilt 
I did a wide sashing in Kona Snow.  
Washi Tape Quilt 
Honestly, I was feeling a little ho-hum about this quilt until I added the aqua binding. I was undecided on what to use for the binding and at first I almost went with a white binding but I'm glad I didn't.
Washi Tape Quilt 

Washi Tape Quilt 

Washi Tape Quilt
The backing is a polka dot that I scored for like $4.50 a yard that coordinates perfectly with the rest of the quilt! Love when that happens!


Heather D. said...

What a fantastic quilt. Love it!

Susan said...

I really love this quilt!

**nicke... said...

emily! it is beautiful! i love that fabric and the blocks are awesome!

Maryse said...


Marta said...

DUDE. Your quilt blows my little block outta the water! "I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!" ;) Thank you so much for the link, lady. xo

rachael said...

love it!!!

peaknits said...

I love this quilt - I didn't know what washi tape was until this post - ow I may be inspired to buy some:) Thanks for your inspirations as always!

Rashida said...

Okay. This quilt stopped me in my tracks on Flickr. I. LOVE. eeeet! ^_^ So lovely!!!