Tuesday, September 20, 2011

now he's three!

Oh my what a birthday celebration it was!

I'm thrilled with how my Hello Cupcake penguins turned out! The biggest hassle was trying to find all the components needed for these. I went to no less than 5 different stores looking for plain mini donuts and donut holes. The mini donuts I only found in a multi pack with powdered sugar and cinnamon donuts but I am absolutely convinced that plain (the cakey kind) donut holes do not exist. I ended up using glazed donut holes that were less than round but in the end all came out well.
The other big challenge that I did not know about was that after dipping the penguins into the black frosting they need a long time to set up. Like 6 to 8 hours. I only had 3 hours and the beaks and wings kept drooping and sliding down until I had them in the fridge for a while. Other than that these were actually very easy to make.

penguin pinata
I made this penguin pinata based on this one I saw on Pinterest.  I'm on Pinterest by the way! Best thing since sliced bread.

I did two layers of paper mache and it was just the perfect hardness for a small group of 3 to 6 year olds.

IMG_7808s IMG_7825s
The birthday boy has been intently playing with his new toys ever since.


Holli said...

Holy Smokes - he's THREE!? I guess I've "known" you for a long time now!

LOVE the penguin cupcakes from Hello Cupcake -- adorable! And the pinata is darling too.

I'm still not on pintrest...I'm scared of how much of my "free" time it will take up -- just poking around ;)

Bea said...

So awesome. I can't believe he's three. Where did the time go? Happy Birthday Jack!

juicyknits said...

Yay for penguin cupcakes!
Happy birthday, Jack! And congratulations to you, Emily, for giving birth to such a sweet boy!

Hege said...

Happy Birthday!
Love those penguin cupcakes :)