Friday, April 08, 2011


How about the Effortless Cardigan? I like the sound of that!

Or the Daytrip Cardigan looks cute. Oh but there is seaming. You know how I dislike seaming.

I like Atelier too.

I've had Habanero in my queue for a long time now because I think it's so pretty! But would I actually wear it?

So, now to rip. Anybody have any tips? Has anybody knit a sweater from yarn that has been knit up and wet blocked before? I guess it doesn't mean that the actual yarn is stretched out...just the knitting, right?


knottygnome said...

when you rip the yarn will probably be kinky. you can tie it into hanks and steam it and/or add a weight to get the kinks out. but honestly i'm lazy and i usually just knit straight from the rejected sweater. after blocking the new piece i don't see that much of a difference and it saves me a step.

all those sweaters look nice. i've learned to like seaming. it's not so bad.

Susan said...

I think the effortless cardi is my favorite. Even the pictures they took on the Ravelry page looked fun!
You are being a real trooper with ripping out your project. Sometimes our projects just don't work for us.

peaknits said...

Toop bad about tour sweater - but you are having a great attitude, that is a bummer of knitting and swatches. I really like the effortless cardigan - good luck with your decision!

Maryse said...

Habanero is my favorite sweater. I've had it in my queue since I saw the KnitScene preview. But the other ones would also be great choices! I look forward to seeing what you will choose! Have a great weekend!

Siga said...

Out of all, Atelier is most like you. As to knitting from a blocked and ripped out sweater - no ideas, so am looking forward to seeing how you approach that.

Shannon said...

I'm making the Effortless cardigan right now. It is taking me a LONG time...I think it is those LONG purl rows that are doing me in!

I'm also not crazy about my yarn choice, but I'm trying to use up some stash. We'll see how it works out.

Rachael said...

I tie the hank of ripped yarn in a few places & soak it and then hang to dry. I have noticed that my gauge is different if I don't do this, it seems looser - I think b/c of the little bumps on the already knit yarn...but if ALL your yarn is already knit, and you find gauge with it in that condition, it seems like maybe the soaking or steaming would just be an empty extra step. (?) I'm not sure.

sally said...

the good thing about ripping is that your yarn will (most likely) never droop like that again on you. usually with superwash yarns that i know are going to stretch (DIC classy, etc.) i actually wash it in th skein and hang to dry with a plastic hanger on the bottom to help it stretch a bit. this way i don't get a surprise block later on. :) i do think washing it will make it easier to knit from later and it will make the stitches more even. knitting the kinky yarn can lead to some unevenness. best of luck on the new sweater!