Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shalom Cardigan

This cardigan is flawed (my sweater...NOT the pattern) but I think I still like it.

Pattern: Shalom Cardigan

Yarn: Peace Fleece Worsted in Ancient Fern; about 3 skeins?

Needles: US #10.5

Notes: This yarn has been in my stash FOREVER it seems like. I've attempted several patterns with it but none worked out. You see, this yarns is extremely rustic and scratchy and pretty thick to boot. The color is absolutely gorgeous though! It is an overall brown color but with strands of green and flecks of dark red and purple.

I made so many minor little modifications to this pattern but did not make detailed notes. Obviously I added two more button holes. And I increased after the yoke in attempt to give it an "A" sillouette but halfway through the body I because nervous that I would look like a box so I added waist shaping to compensate. I think these mods were fairly successful. However, when I attempted to do something (honestly I don't remember exactly what I did) about the large armholes it did not work.

All in all, I think wearing it over a darker undershirt hides some of the flaws (the large armholes!) and I think I like how it came out enough to actually wear it occationally.


peaknits said...

I think it deserves more than occasional;) It truly is a great looking fall sweater - but I know, when you struggle with a project, you fall a little out of love along the way. Looks great though, really!

Bea said...

I think it looks cute the way your wearing it. I think it would end up being "occasional" more due to the weather then to the looks of it.

Maryse said...

It looks really pretty! It adds a nice touch to an undershirt and it must be so warm... This is a very good looking rustic yarn! Hope you will wear it more than occasionally ;-)