Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Contest Winner!

And the winner of my birthday contest is Jen! Jen, I've sent you an email.
Thanks everyone for voting for their favorite banner! I was actually surprised by the results.

7 votes for my current banner
12 votes for possible banner #1
5 votes for possible banner #3

The winner is definitely banner #1: I really loved all the banners I made. However, I was surprised at how many still loved my current banner the most. My shop has been open almost exactly 1 year! And now I feel like I have a much clearer vision for the style of quilts that I make. It's a tough decision and I'm not even 100% certain I even should change my shop banner. The one thing that is making me want to change my banner is that I want my shop to be clearly different from all the other quilt shops on Etsy. So I think I'll go ahead and change it and see how I feel about after a month or two.
I really, really appreciate your input!
Have a happy Wednesday!

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