Monday, February 22, 2010


Actually, two problems.

First of anyone else having problems with Bloglines? It's not picking up new posts. I'm not sure what to do about it. All I know is that it's driving me nuts!

Second. Side Pooching:
A closer look:
This is my Ingenue. Remember how I said that all I had left was to knit the sleeves? Well, that wasn't the whole truth. You see, I have a somewhat long torso and this sweater (as written in the book) is very short. I didn't want to end up with a crop top so I lengthened the body. The problem seems to be with the stitch pattern at the hem. It really pulls in, causing a pooch on the sides just below the waist shaping. Now, the pattern has you start the bottom stitch pattern immediately after the waist shaping. I was totally in love with how this was fitting until I started to go past the waist shaping. It has just the amount of positive ease I am wanting and the hem just ruins the whole look. I guess I want the bottom to flare out a bit more.

I've been sitting on this problem for a looooong time now and I really want to do something about it because it is bothering me so much that I cannot move on to the sleeves or anything else until I get it figured out. I keep seeing every one's beautiful Olympics projects and it's making me want to finish something!

Anybody have any ideas? Should I reknit the bottom stitch pattern in bigger needles? I think I'll definitely go an inch or two shorter than the length it is now (it looks funny to me for some reason).

I'm really late to the game but a couple of weeks ago we had the most amazing record-breaking snow ever! I know people up north are probably so sick of seeing snow but it was a real treat for us.
Jack was not impressed at all!!! He's just too little to appreciate it just yet.

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