Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Last Minute Baby Projects

I finally got my butt into gear and knit a hat and some mitts for my boy. I mean, this is the least a baby of a knitter should have. I used the Isaiah's Hat pattern and made up my own pattern for the mitts. I can't wait to see them modeled (hurry up and get here baby!).

And another crafty addition I made for the nursery is a little pouch to put things that we may need close to the changing pad. I figured it would be nice to have since we are using the top of the dresser as the changing area and there is not any surface area to keep things like diaper cream and whatnot. If anything, it adds a bit of cuteness. I just figured out the dimensions I wanted and got some felt from Wal Mart and sewed it up. Easy!

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