Friday, March 30, 2007


Or, more accurately, blogkeeping, because if you ever stepped foot in my house you would know that I have yet to perfect the art of housekeeping.

Anyway, you'll see I've switched over to the nifty haloscan commenting/trackback manager thingy so that I can actually reply to your comments! and just because I just typed the work trackback doesn't mean I know what it means! uh, I always do first and learn later. :) Unfortunately, when you make the switch you loose all comments from Blogger :(

I've also gone all high-tech and got me a real live blogroll! Trust me people, I am NOT a computer genius at all! pretty much everything I've done to my blog I've learned from here. Of course, now with the new Blogger template editor it is so much easier! I'm really glad I switched.

However, there is a little finagling to be done to put a new banner image in. Here are the instructions I used to put my new banner in. Actually, what is in the main post didn't work for me but there are more ways to do it listed in the comments further down. For my banner, I just made an image in Photoshop that was 660x200 pixels (I'm lucky to have access to Photoshop at work). Unfortunately, I don't how you would do it if you didn't have Photoshop. And just FYI, if you do want to customize your blogger blog then it's best to start with the Minima template.

Thank you all for the nice comments on my new look, I'm glad y'all like it! Please let me know if anything is looking weird or not showing up correctly. I've noticed that my Percent Bars (which I got from Lickey Knits) are showing up fine on my 15" monitor at home but not on my 21" monitor at work. For some reason, the filler inside showing the percent is not FILLING up the bar box verticallywise. Hopefully, it's just me seeing that.

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