Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Christmas is a comin'!

Okay, I am setting some goals for myself for this weekend.
Must complete:
1) Counterpane Accessories bag
2) Mr. Stegs (I actually finished knitting the pieces for this over a month ago but I've been lazy with the finishing)

Both of these things just need to be sewn up! It's amazing how quickly I loose interest in a project when it comes time for finishing.

Anyway, I've started a Christmas present. It's a Clapotis for Grandma. She's one of the only ones I have yet to knit something for so I want it to be really special. I using KnitPicks Shimmer double stranded in the Grape Hyacinth colorway with #6 needles. I'm thinking that even though it's a fairly big project it should be relatively quick to knit. I think I've started early enough so that I won't be rushed. My list of gifts to knit this year is pretty short and most of them are already done.

Ooooh and I'm so excited about what else I got with my KnitPicks order! It's 10 balls of Swish Superwash in the Bordeaux color to be used for the Lucy in the Sky Cardigan. I probably shouldn't start it until I've finished Forecast but....we'll see.
Oh, and sorry for the bad pics.....looks like I need to get a tripod if I want to take pics during the week. It's nearly dark when I get home from work now. :(


Yarn It said...

LOVE both yarns. That clapotis is going to be gorgeous. Lucy will look great in the bordeaux color.

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, the Clapotis is going to be stunning! I love the colors.

msubulldog said...

Both yarns are beautiful! The Clapotis is going to be gorgeous. Makes me want to re-start a friend's lace scarf with the Grape Hyacinth I have!:)