Monday, October 02, 2006


Well, you won't get to see a pic of my new Yarn Pirate Paris sock yarn because the hubby escaped on a business trip with the camera. But let me tell you! I L.O.V.E. this stuff! The color is amazing and it's very soft too!

Luckily, I have some other goodies from kpixie to show you that came in the mail late last week.
This is some Blue Sky Cotton in the color Indigo. I've heard how soft this stuff is and it's true! Love it! I'm going to make Licorice Whip which I've been wanting to make for a while but I got some extra inspiration from Jilian when she started hers.

And the other goodie is this new yarn that kpixie has from Olympus. It's called Make Make and it's 90% wool and 10% mohair...very soft. It comes in little packets of cute. Kpixie gives you a free hat pattern when you buy the yarn. I've been looking for the perfect hat pattern to make for myself and this is it!

And the most entertaining part of the whole thing:

My big fat kitty trying to get into the box! In the picture he's just laying half in the box but it was hilarious watching him push the box around until it was wedged up under the bookcase so he could get his paws all the way to the back of the box!


jillian said...

You'll LOVE knitting up the Blue Sky Cotton. I'm so pleased seeing my start was inspiring to you. I love blogland! PS - On both Vanille and this pattern I needed a US10 needle to get gauge :) Happy swatching!

Cutie kitty!

Alyssa said...

I just made the make make hat pattern this weekend. Mine ended up really short so I ripped back to the last bobble row and knit the 7 rows called for in the pattern and then an additional 13 more. Not sure why it was so short since I got gauge on 5's. Oh well - it's a super cute hat. Adding the extra rows made it a much better length, but if you want to flip the ribbing up like in the photo, you might want to do even more.

Yarn It said...

Love the color of the Blue Sky for Licorice Whip! I want to make that too. Soon enough. I will check back on your progress.