Sunday, July 09, 2006

Green Gable

Pattern: Green Gable by Rachel Iverson and Sarah Johnson at Zephyr Style

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Cotton Fleece in Candy Apple....used 2 1/4 skeins

Mods: followed suit with everyone else on the GG knit-along by adding 2 sets of waist increases (which turned out really nice!) and added about 2 inches in length (VERY glad I did that otherwise I would've had a cropped-top!).

All in all a very nice pattern!! The result is such a wearable garmet! I actually finished it last weekend but just got to weaving in ends and blocking this weekend. I'm very excited to wear it to work on Monday. Actually, I'm wearing it right now and it's not nearly as soft as I thought it would be....a little itchy even! I think this would be a cool pattern to knit with hemp because I've heard that stuff gets really soft!

Also, the new Summer Knitty is finally here! I was a little surprised at the content....I guess I was expecting more summery things. But there are a few patterns I really like. I definitely want to make theses:

And these I think are really fun but don't know if I'll make them anytime soon (mainly because I haven't graduated to sock-making yet):
Reptilian Lace
Lickety Split (I've always wanted socks I could wear with my flip flops....just around the house of course! LOL!)


ae said...

i love your candy apple gable - it turned out great! i chose the same color for mine, and hope it comes out like yours!

PutYourFlareOn said...

About where did you add the waist increases? I'm thinking that I'm going to need to add a couple to mind too just to make it have a little hourglass fit.

Your GG looks great! I'm hoping to procure some of the cotton fleece, sounds like it's nice.

mle said...

Thanks for the comments! Flare, I added an increase row about 2 inches down from the last decrease row and then a second increase row about an inch from the first one. I definitely like how it came out!

Aura said...

I love how yours turned out - can you tell me what size you ended up making?

mle said...

Thanks aura! I made the size 34 and I had to go up to #8 needles to get gauge.

Disentangled said...

Your GG came out wonderful. I've seen it around and liked it, but you have now inspired me to go out and pick up the Congrats on your FO!

(And thanks for your comments on my Orangina - can't wait to see yours!)