Thursday, August 30, 2012

12.5" Butterfly block

Whew! So, we are finally settled into my Dad's place. Moving is stressful! We'll just be here temporarily until we can find a place we like in our price range. We're still in the same area. It's nice to have family close by!
To add to the chaos, we are leaving on a road trip tomorrow, but it should be fun. :)

September is my month for the Heal do.Good Stitches circle again! I'm so excited to be doing this. Nicke, our lovely circle leader, posted about some of the hospice patients receiving their quilts. It was very moving to see their smiling faces despite the adversity they face in life.

So, for the September quilt, I want to keep it simple. I found this fabric for a steal online a month ago. 
These butterflies are quite sweet and will be perfect for the quilt back!

I immediately thought of Ashley's Dinner Date Tutorial because to me they look like butterflies. I just want to provide some more detailed instruction for consistencies sake since so many are contributing. (I'm one of those people who loves details! That's why improv is tricky for me. LOL!)

To make a 12.5" Butterfly block:

1. Start by cutting 4 6.5" squares from your white (background) fabric.
2. Take a square and make a mark at 3.25" on each side. 
12.5" butterfly block

3. Chose scraps that will adequately cover the top right and bottom left corners. Place them well within the markings (this is so the "butterfly wings" won't overlap when all sewn together. My green one here is a little too close to the markings.). Vary the angles a bit to make them a bit wonky.
12.5" butterfly block

4. Sew the corner scraps on, again making sure that your seams are well within the markings.
12.5" butterfly block

5. Press and then flip to trim away the excess.
12.5" butterfly block

6. Now trim away the excess background. You don't want your seams to be too bulky.
12.5" butterfly block

7. Repeat so that you have 4 6.5" squares.
12.5" butterfly block

8. Sew and press seams open. (oops I forgot to trip one of my corners)
12.5" butterfly block

9. Whaalaah!
12.5" butterfly block

This block is super simple and I think it will make a very happy quilt!


**nicke... said...

sweeeeeeeeet!!!!! i'm going to get yours done like today! awesome! so simple! thanks emily for choosing such a fun block and also for being in our circle! you are so great! xoxo

Carla said...

I'm working on my now ; )

Maryse said...

Wow! These pictures are beautiful! It shows the required precision! The result is really neat!